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Possible Dropbox Pitfall

Dropbox is a simple and useful file storage system that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It has, however, on potential pitfall:

The ‘drag and drop’ movement is now so common that it is as intuitive as writing a full stop. Dropbox works by placing a folder on your OS, which is linked to the cloud storage. What could be easier, then, than to simply drag the files and folders you want to store to your local dropbox folder and leave them there to sync with the remote? Let’s add this assumption, as I did, to the common job, I suspect, of moving one’s entire music folder remotely so that it can be accessed from any machine, anywhere. Finally, throw into the mix the common Irish upload speed which is roughly 3 bits a century. You now have a recipe for disaster.

It is very important to realise, with Dropbox, that the drag and drop procedure actually *moves your files* from their usual home to the temporary Dropbox loading bay. Once dragged and dropped, it is now very easy to  lose them. Especially when you learn that it will take eleven days to complete the sync, and even more especially when you decide, to hell with it, just delete out the files from the Dropbox folder – never mind that there is not enough room in the trash – and start again. Do that and you face a very large existential gap – one that is quite literally silent, and devoid of music.

A Sunday afternoon, spent frantically trying to restore Windows seven from an old and highly-protected iPod touch, is not the best of fun, but it can happen.

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