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Freelancer Frank’s Portfolio: David Fitzgerald’s PhysioDigest

The Site:

PhysioDigest.com is the sales and promotion site for David Fitzgerald, a physiotherapist and consultant based in Dublin, Ireland. The site features regular posts, video, audio files, online presentations, newsletters and exclusive information for paying clients.

Freelance Frank's Portfolio image for PhysioDigesthttp://www.physiodigest.com


  • Video presentations
  • Site client newsletter collections
  • Shopping cart and online payment
  • Audio downloads
  • Online presentations
  • Lecture shows

Freelance Frank’s role:

Frank has had a primary role in consulting on the sales and marketing aspects of the site and in implemnting technical solutions, such as online lecture course, payment collection and newsletter subscriptions. Frank has been instrumental in making the site usable for clients and easy to update by the owner.


  • WordPress
  • Aweber
  • 1shoppingcart
  • Youtube
  • Custom theming
  • Custom PHP and MySQL

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