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Finding a good web host in Ireland

I needed to find a good web host in Ireland.

My principle requirements were:

  1. Enough space to set up two or three WordPress sites and a number of test sites.
  2. Lots of databases – preferably unlimited
  3. Bandwidth not being a problem.
  4. Latest PHP
  5. Latest mySql
  6. Something that made me think – ‘simple’ and ‘professional’

A quick google got me here: http://www.webmentor.ie/web-hosting-table.html

It features a comprehensive comparative table of Irish web hosts, listed by optimal hosting package value. It doesn’t, unfortunately, show the number of databases available. I had to click through to see that. Even so, it did not take long to whittle down the first ten in the list to three, by removing all those that looked unprofessional and/or offered to little for the price and my needs.

In the end I went for letshost. They satisfy all my requirements for just under 50 euro per year - which is lass than half what I had to pay in Eastern Europe for an equivalent service. So far I have had no problems. It’s a transparent service – clean and simple.


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