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Freelancer Frank’s Portfolio: MindMentor AI

The Site:

MindMentor is an interactive site that allows users to engage in therapy sessions of up to an hour in length. The site has a strong A.I. system that responds to user input and supplies response pages accordingly. The system tracks and records user sessions and parses input. It also features a comprehensive administration system to allow therapists to modify the site’s behaviour and output. The system takes payment via Paypal.



  • Object oriented M.V.C. structure
  • User input parsing and page serving response
  • Credit card payment handling
  • User session recording
  • Full administration suite

Freelance Frank’s role:

Frank is responsible for coding updates, maintenance and design implementation of the site. He consults and makes suggestions for improvements in addition to developing new solutions for ideas supplied by the sites owners. He has improved the site usability and has implemented S.E.O. measures and some marketing features.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Smarty Templating
  • Object Oriented Code
  • Javascript
  • CSS

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