Yasunari Kawabata – Thousand Cranes
Thomas Bernhard – Extinction
Barbara Demick – Nothing to envy, ordinary lives in North Korea
Jonathan Dimbleby – Russia, a journey to the heart…
Colin Thubron – In Siberia
Robert K. Massie – Catherine the Great
Orhan Pamuk – Silent House
Lyonel Feininger – At the Edge of the World
Robert K. Massie – Nicholas and Alexandra
Orhan Pamuk – Istanbul
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Tne Gulag Archipelago
Chagall entre Gurre et Paix
Nabokov – Look at the Harlequins!
Nabokov – The Original of Laura
Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Photopoetry
Gabriela Adamesteanu – Vara-Primavara
Vincent Bouvet – Paris Between the Wars 1919-1939: Art, Life and Culture
The Sketchbooks of Jack B. Yeats
Feast of Color: The Merzbacher-Mayer Collection
Dostoevsky – The Idiot
Neagu Djuvara – Amintiri şi poveşti mai deocheate
Andrei Bitov – The Pushkin House

Ara Guler’s Istanbul
Turgenev – Sketches from a Hunter’s Album
Orhan Pamuk – The Innocence of Objects
Henry James – The Ambassadors
John Cheever – The Stories of John Cheever
Turgenev – Home of Gentry
José Luís Peixoto – The Piano Cemetery
Hemingway – A Farewell to Arms
Hiroshige – One hundred views of Edo
Beaton in Vogue
The Martello Towers of Dublin
Nicolae Breban – Animale bolnave
Nabokov – Lolita
Turgenev – First love and other novels
Nabokov – Bend Sinister
Iris Murdoch – Under the Net
George Orwell – Burmese Days
Paul Klee – The Diaries of Paul Klee (1898-1918)
Gogol – Dead Souls
Henry Miller – The Colossus of Maroussi
Gunter Grass – My Century
Gertrude Stein – The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Edmund de Waal – The Hare with Amber Eyes
Turgheniev – In Ajun. Fum

Jose Saramago – The Elephant’s Journey
Boris Pasternak – Doctor Zhivago
Nabokov – The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
Robert Conquest – The Great Terror
Lawrence Durrell – Mountolive
Lawrence Durrell – Balthazar
Simon Sebag Montefiore – Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar
Lawrence Durrell – Justine
Simon Sebag Montefiore – Young Stalin
Orhan Pamuk – The Black Book
Dostoevsky – The Gambler
Flann O’Brien – At Swim Two Birds
Nabokov – Laughter in the Dark
Gombrowicz – Journal
Tolstoy – Anna Karenina
Gabriela Adamesteanu – Provizorat
Lawrence Durrell – Bitter Lemons of Cyprus
Jonathan Coe – The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim
Erofeyev – Russian Beauty, A Novel
Rainer Metzger – Berlin in the 20′s
Dostoevsky – Crime and Punishment
Umberto Eco – The Prague Cemetery
Eric Karpeles – Paintings in Proust: A Visual Companion to In Search of Lost Time
Nabokov – The Luzhin Defence
Iris Murdoch – Jackson’s Dilemma
Rainer Metzger – Munich: Its Golden Age of Art and Culture 1890 – 1920
Andrew Kennedy – Bauhaus
F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Tales

Dostoevsky – Demons
Dostoevsky – The Brothers Karamazov
Leo Tolstoy -The Death of Ivan Ilych
Martin Amis – The Pregnant Widow
Antony Chekov – In the Ravine and Other Stories
Marina Lewycka – A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
George Orwell – The Road to Wigan Pier
Steinbeck – Travels with Charlie
Classic Russian Short Stories
Monica Lovinescu – La apa Vavilonului
Annie Bentoiu – Timpul ce ni s-a dat, vol. I
Annie Bentoiu – Timpul ce ni s-a dat, vol. II
Iris Murdoch – The Sacred and Profane Love Machine
Steinbeck – A Russian Journal
Flann O’Brien – The Third Policeman
Arsavir Acterian – Jurnal
George Orwell – Down And Out In Paris And London
Nabokov – Transparent Things
Solzhenitsyn – Matriona’s House and other Stories
Erofeev – The Good Stalin
Henry James – The Great Stories of Henry James
Philip Roth – The Plot Against America
Ian McEwan – Saturday
Jonathan Coe – The Rain before it falls
Ian McEwan – Solar
Bulgakov – Master and Margarita
Colm Toibin – Brooklyn
Paul Theroux – Kowloon Tong
Ashley Khan – A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane’s Signature Album
Paul Theroux – The Elephanta Suite
Paul Theroux – The Great Railway Bazaar
Paul Theroux – Dark Star Safari
Paul Theroux – Ghost Train to the Eastern Star
Bulgakov – A Country Doctor’s Notebook
Peggy Guggenheim – Out of this century
Solzhenitsyn – Love the Revolution
Saramago – The Double
Saramago – Small Memories
Nabokov – King, Queen, Knave
Jonathan Coe – What a Curve up!

Lionel Shriver – We need to talk about Kevin
Herman Melville – Bartleby
Nabokov – The Enchanter
John Cheever – Bullet Park
Nabokov – Glory
Ishiguro – Nocturnes
John Cheever – Oh what a Paradise it seems
Orhan Pamuk – My name is Red
Peter Jelavich – Berlin Cabaret
Gabriela Adamesteanu – Opere II
Jeni Acterian – Jurnalul unei fete greu de multumit
Ismail Kadare – The Palace of Dreams
Nabokov – Dispair
Nabokov – The Eye
Anais Nin – Henry and June (previous reads by Nin: “Incest”, “Fire”)
Fellini on Fellini
Colm Toibin – The Master
Ian McEwan – Enduring Love
Martin Amis – Money
Simone de Beauvoir – Woman Destroyed
Sebastian Barry – A Long Long Way
Philip OCeallaigh – Notes From a Turkish Whorehouse
Nabokov – Pnin
Haruki Murakami – The Norwegian Wood (first and last read by Haruki!)
Nabokov – Mary
Martin Amis – The House of Meetings (previous reads by Amis: “Time’s Arrow”, “Dead Babies”)

Iris Murdoch – The Sandcastle
Flannery O’Connor – Wise Blood
Kurt Vonnegut – Mother Night (previous reads: “Gapagos”)
Charles Bukowski – Factotum
Henry James – Washington Square (previous reads: “The Figure in the Carpet”, “The Aspern Papers”)
Iris Murdoch – The Nice and the Good (previous reads by her in 2006, 2007)
Stelian Tanase – Playback
L.F.Celine – North (previous reads by Celine: Journey to the end of the night, Death on credit)
Gabriela Adamesteanu – Drumul egal al fiecarei zile
Dumitru Tepenea – Nuntile necesare
Alice Voinescu – Jurnal
Cioran – Scrisori catre cei de-acasa
Gabriel Liiceanu – Itinerariile unei vieti: Emil Cioran/ Apocalipsa dupa Cioran – trei zile de convorbiri 1990
Stelian Tanase – Anatomia mistificarii
Noel Bernard – This is Radio Free Europe
Vladimir Tismaneanu – Stalinism for eternity
Orhan Pamuk – Snow
Sandor Marai – Embers
Gheorghe Craciu – Frumoasa fara corp
Stephan Zweig – Beware of Pity (previous reads by Zweig: “The World of Yesterday”, “Burning Secret”)
Witold Gombrowicz – Cosmos
James Joyce, Correspondence
Dumitru Tsepeneag – La belle Roumaine
Ingeborg Bachmann – Malina
Norman Manea – On Clowns
James Joyce – Ulysses (previous reads by Joyce: “Dubliners”, “The portrait of the artist as a young man”)
Witold Gombrowicz – Trans-atlantic
Aron Appelfeld – Badenheim 1939
Italo Svevo – Una Vita
Brigitte Timmermann – The Third Man’s Vienna, celebrating a film classic
Johnatan Coe – The Closed Circle

Gheorghe Craciun – Pupa Russa
Dumitru Tsepeneag – Vain Art of the Fugue
Norman Mailer – The Castle in the Forest
Norman Manea – The Black Envelope (previous reads by him in 2006)
Iris Murdoch – A Severed Head
Kazuo Ishiguro – A Pale View of Hills (previous reads in 2006 and earlier)
Ian McEwan – On Chesil Beach (previous reads by McEwan: “Black Dogs”, “Atonement”, “The Cement Garden”, “The Comfort of Strangers”, “Amsterdam”, “The Child in Time”)
Norman Mailer – The Naked and The Dead (previous reads in 2006)
Iris Murdoch – A Word Child
Umberto Eco – History of Ugliness
Elias Canetti – Auto da fe
Mircea Eliade – Journal 1970 – 1985
Jose Saramago – The Intermittencies of Death (other reads by Saramago in 2006 and earlier)
Heinrich Boll – The Clown
Christopher Isherwood – Goodbye to Berlin
Thomas Bernhard – Old Masters
Thomas Bernhard – Ja
Bernard Schlink – The Reader
Dino Buzzati – Il meglio dei raconti
P.P.Pasolini – Theorem
Alessandro Baricco – Senza Sangue
Jonathan Coe – The Rotter’s Club
Elfriede Jelinek – Women as Lovers
Siegfried Lenz – Arne’s Heritage
Heinrich Boll – House without Guardians
Monica Lovinescu – Jurnal 1996-1997
Saul Bellow – The Dean’s December (previous reads by Bellow: “Humbold’s Gift”, “Seize the Day”, ” Ravelstein”)
Martin Walser – Brandung (previous reads in 2006)
Orhan Pamuk – The new life
Iris Murdoch – Bruno’s Dream (previous reads by Murdoch: “The Bell”, “The Sea, The Sea”)
Alain Robbe-Grillet – Les Gommes (previous reads by Grillet: “La Reprise”)
John Updike – Museum and Women; Assorted Prose; The Music School; The Same Door; Pigeon Feathers (previous reads by Updike – “S”, “A Month of Sundays”)
Simone de Beauvoir – Les belles images
Isidore Isou – L’adorable roumaine
Truman Capote – Summer Crossing (previous reads in 2006)
Charles Bukowsky – Post Office
William Trevor – Reading Turgenev
Italo Svevo – Zeno’s Conscience
Umberto EcoThe mysterious Flame of Queen Loana (previous reads by Eco: “Foucault’s Pendulum”)


Anais Nin – Fire (previous reads by Anais Nin: “Incest”)
F.S.Fitzgerald – Babylon Revisited and Other Stories
Monica Lovinescu – Jurnal 1994-1995
Norman Mailer – The Gospel According to the Son
Ion Vianu – Caietele lui Ozias
Albert Camus – L’Etranger/ La Peste
Martin Walser – Hunting
Henry Miller – Nexus (previous reads by Miller: “Sexux”, “Plexus”, “Quite Days in Clichy”, “The Air-Conditioned Nightmare”, “Black Spring”, “Tropic of Cancer”, “Tropic of Capricorn”)
Truman Capote – Other Voices, Other Rooms
Dino Buzzati – Barnabo, omul muntilor/Secretul Padurii Batrine (previous reads by Buzzati: “The Tartar Steppe”, “A Love Affair”)
Ivan TurgenevFathers and Sons
Thomas PynchonThe Crying of Lot 49
Cora Flavian – Marta
F. Scott Fitzgerald – This Side of Paradise (previous reads by Fitzgerald: “The Great Gatsby”, “Tender is the Night”, “Winter Dreams and other stories”)
Kazuo Ishiguro – Never let me go (previous reads by Ishiguro: The Remains of the day, An Artist of the Floating World, The Unconsoled, When we were Orphans)
Gerard Durozoi – Le Surrealisme
Encyclopedies du Voyage, Gallimard, Cote d’Emeraude
Mary Ann Cows – Les Vies de Dora Maar
Esther Bernbassa, Jean-Cristophe Attias – The Self Hate
Frank Kafka – Letters to Milena (previous reads by Kafka: “The Castle”, “The Trial”, “The Metamorphosis”, “The penal Colony”, “Postumusly Fragments”)
Paul Duncan, Robert Ingram – Francois Truffaut
Norman Manea – Compulsory Happiness
Norman Manea – The Hooligan’s Return
Gunter Grass – Local Anaesthetic (previous reads by Gross: “Crabwalk”, “The Tin Drum”)
Imre Kertesz – The English Flag
Aleksandr Soljenitin – A Soul in Exile (previous reads by Soljenitin: “The Oak and the Calf”, “One Day in the Life of Alexandr Denisovich”)
Gabriela Adamesteanu – The Meeting
Martin Walser – Death of a Critic (previous reads by Walser: “Runaway horse”)
Alexandra Laignel-Lavastine – Cioran, Eliade, Ionesco. Uitarea fascismului
Mircea Eliade – Jurnal 1941 – 1969
Imre Kertesz – Someone Else. A Chronicle of the Change
Italo Calvino – Invisible cities (previous reads by Calvino: “The Castle of Crossed Destinies”, “Difficult Loves”, “The Nonexistent Knight”, “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler”)
Imre Kertesz – Kadish for a Child Not Born (previous reads by Kertesz – “Fateless”)
G.G.Marquez – Memories of my Melancholy Hores (previous reads by him – “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Love in the Time of Cholera”, “The Autumn of the Patriarch”, “Of Love and Other Demons”, “12 Trabelling Stories”, “The General in his Labyrinth”, “The Adventures of Miguel Littin”, “Inocent Erendira and Other Stories”, “The Chronicle of a Death Foretold”)
Claude Lanzmann – Shoah
Primo Levi – The Truce
Primo Levi – If this is a Man
Elfriede Jelinek – Wonderful, Wonderful Times (previous reads by her – “The Piano Teacher)
Jose Saramago – The Cave (previous reads by Saramago – “Blindness”, “Bathasar and Blimunda”, “The History of the Siege of Lisbon”, “The Gospel Accroding to Jesus Christ”, “The Stone Raft”, “All the Names”, “The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis”)
Norman Mailer – An American Dream
Monica Lovinescu – Journal 1990-1993
Gabriela Adameşteanu – A Wasted Morning
E. M. Remarque – All Quiet on the Western Front
Ingmar Bergman – With the Best Intentions
Doina Jela – Această dragoste care ne leagă, Editura Humanitas