arty moods

Seapoint Beach necklace (50 euro)

Memory’s unmade bed (50 euro)

Blue Willow II (60 euro)

Rusty Passion – 40 euro

Blue Willow (sold)

Winter Preserves (small – 30 euro, large – 35 euro)

Hippie Flowers II (sold)

Hippie Flowers (25 euro)

Wedding Album – (SOLD)

“Stream” textile books – 35 euro each

Les Saints de Montparnasse – 60 euro each

Winter Poems (textile notebook) – 30 euro

White Daisies (textile notebook) – 30 euro

Les saints de Montparnasse (SOLD)

the gnostic notebook II (25 euro)

the gnostic notebook I (SOLD)

“The Journey” Series I – Flann O’Brien’s journey (SOLD)

“The Journey” Series II – James Joyce’s journey (50 euro)

Photo album for a new born (made to order)

Valentine’s Day (SOLD)

Winter Love (20 euro)

Marigolds (sold)

One Thousand and One Nights I (sold)

One Thousand and One Nights II (sold)

Christmas journals (SOLD)

Flemish Autumn (20 euro)

Sketchbook (made to order)

Photo album for a little girl (made to order)

Momo and Toto’s wedding anniversary (made to order)

November (made to order)

vintage wedding (sold)

notebooks for poets series – peat (sold)

notebooks for poets series – sand I (sold)

notebooks for poets series – sand II (sold)

sweet little girl (sold)

youghal (10 euro)

letter from sandycove II (sold)

letter from sandycove I (sold)

cistercian legends V (sold)

cistercian legends III (10 euro)

cistercian legends II (sold)

cistercian legends I (sold)

postal trophies IV (SOLD)

rosemary’s baby (reserved)

melancholia (sold)

trafraska (15 euro)

clonfert (sold)

siberian evening (sold)

iona (sold)

inisfree cottage (sold)

miss favisham (sold)

worcester (sold)

autumn dreams (sold)

concert at the powerscort gardens (sold)

musical encounter (sold)

postal trophies (sold)

the bartolozzi book (sold)

cistercian legends IV (sold)

postal trophies III (sold)

winter journal (sold)

winter dreams (sold)

postal trophies II (sold)

autumn flounces (sold)

cinamon and spices series (sold)

decadence (sold)

indian series (sold)

valentine’s day (sold)

mozart (sold)

papyrus (sold)

purple autumn (sold)

purple music (sold)

dada (sold)

marine series (sold)

intermezzo (sold)

ribbons (sold)

the golden collection (sold)

violet dreams (sold)

wedding series (sold)