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I make handmade craft objects, mainly journals, inspired by nature, my surroundings, literature, painting and traveling.

It all began with a collection of disparate materials that had an Eastern flavor – handmade wrapping papers and small objects (mirrors from an Indian sofa cover, tiny Indian bells). As my collection of these objects grew, I started to see them together as an assemblage. That’s how the first journals were created.

In time, I developed my technique, maintaining a basic style of binding to match the rough, close-to-nature and folk art style. While living in Romania, my creations were more colorful, Easter folk art inspired. Moving to Ireland brought a change in style, bringing in a more simple approach, inspired from the untamed seashore.

I recently started to integrate textiles into my journals and notebooks, both on the cover and the inside pages, thus discovering and exploring more creative possibilities. My next move is to explore further the world of textiles.

My journals and notebooks are art objects but the creative process is not finished, their pages leave space for the journal’s new owner to continue the work under their own inspiration.