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Freelancer Frank’s Portfolio: Vivid Magazine, Romania

The Site

Vivid magazine is Romania’s premier print magazine for news from an ex-pat perspective. It regularly features stories and articles from specialists in economics, law, art and politics.

Freelancer Frank's Portfolio image for Vivid Magazine, Romania


  • A new issue of the print magazine can be uploaded in one day
  • Input, update and editing of regular features.
  • Facilities for advertising
  • Image galleries
  • Site searches
  • Emailing stories to third parties
  • Intelligent menus

Freelancer Frank’s Role:

Frank was contracted by Vivid to update the design of their previous site and to provide a full bespoke content management system. He has since played a core role in maintaining and editing the site content, consulting on usability, marketing and continually adding new features.


  • Hand coded, bespoke PHP
  • MySQL
  • Mootools
  • jQuery
  • Lightbox gallery

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